I am Raquel González personal trainer who offers personalized services at home.

My beginning in the sport began from little, always I liked to move. What I had never imagined is that what began as a hobby would end up becoming my profession, my passion, my well-being and my happiness. I feel proud and satisfied that I can help other people achieve their goals and become part of their happiness.

As I said, I was always a sports enthusiast, from my beginnings in:

  • Classic Dance

  • Swimming

  • Pilates

  • Fitness

  • Boxing

  • Yoga

Stay in shape with a
special attention

Pilates changed my life and the way of seeing the sport was never the same again. I believe that this discipline is the foundation of all sports – the bridge that unites them, it teaches you: discipline, to get to know and connect with your body and your mind, healthy posture (bodily awareness), coordination, energy saving, control and concentration. It also helps in the prevention of and recovery from injuries. The most wonderful thing is that we can apply it to other disciplines, like in my case, to fitness and functional training, namely training where we put our endurance to the test, working against your own body, with different elements such as TRX, bosu, magic circle, bands, fitball… and much more!


  • Personal Trainer (APECED)
  • Muscle and fitness technician (ORTHOS)
  • Certificate in work in suspension (TRX) (Apeced)
  • Pilates technician, floor and machines (Universal Pilates)
  • Yoga Instructor (Asociación Salud y Crecimiento Consciente)
  • Higher Certificate of English in England (Cambridge)
  • Bachelor in Tourism Activities (Escuela Iriarte)
  • Senior Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition (University Degree)