The small type: ManServants is an extravagance solution in which men personnel come willing to offer a lady’s per non-sexual require. Choosing a manservant is the fashionable option to a hiring a stripper. These professional men show up to bachelorette events and various other celebrations sporting a tux and a smile. As soon as they walk-in, they are doing every little thing they can to kindly, such as offering products, painting nails, giving base massages, spending compliments, and essentially being more charming and polite hunk during the place. Since 2014, ManServants has assisted thousands of females draw out their particular interior boss girls and elevated numerous activities in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and New York City. If you’re looking for an effective way to class up a celebration, it’s not possible to fail hiring some professional eye candy to hang on the every phrase. Just try to let ManServants understand what you prefer, together with group provides you with exclusive experience you’ll never forget.


The concept for ManServants started with two women joking around at your workplace. Dalal Khajah and Josephine «Jo» Wai Lin were working as copywriters at an ad company in bay area whenever they struck right up a friendship.

Months later on, they certainly were preparing a bachelorette party with each other if it occurred to them they’d go for a hot male assistant providing all of them products than an oversexed stripper gyrating inside their faces.

Both females started daydreaming in what they actually desired from males, therefore was not for him to remove their garments. It actually was for him is their unique personal manservant. In the end, actually becoming spoiled all women’s real fantasy? Would not it be fantastic any time you could hire a sexy guy to put you products and shower comments? Which requires a male stripper when you’ve got a good-looking, fully-clothed gentleman at the beck and call?

«It launched as a joke, and it became genuine,» Dalal said. In 2014, she and Jo give up their unique tasks and co-founded ManServants, an extra, non-sexual, gentleman associate solution. «We planned to transform chivalry and change just what it ways to end up being a gentleman,» she said.

The business’s target audience is the high-powered millennial lady (they name their the boss hottie). She’s wise, she actually is powered, and she knows exactly what she desires from men. And it’s really abject adoration. ManServants soon erupted in appeal, providing over 1,000 customers in its first year because lots of modern-day females wish to have their own per (non-sexual) whim satisfied by an amenable, good-looking man. Its an ideal option to enjoy yourself during a birthday or bachelorette celebration.

ManServants provides elevated functions in Palm Springs, nyc, and Los Angeles, and team dreams to enhance to brand-new places as phrase about their elite services spreads from woman to woman.

«getting a manservant isn’t in regards to the steps you are taking,» Dalal said. «it truly is circumstances of head the place you want to be of solution to other people, and that’s that which we cultivate within staff of certainly remarkable men.»

Healing Brides-to-Be & Their Friends Like Queens for a Day

ManServants may be the very first company of their kind. Few other deluxe service provides gentlemanly help quite like this. Due to the paradigm-shifting assumption, the group has-been a pioneer in a fresh perspective on sex connections.

«It became this personal experiment,» Dalal told you. «We entirely flipped the program with specifically women in fee and informing guys how ladies wish to be handled. We had been the most important business to do that truly.»

Over the years, the feminine managers created a team of males they could trust to go to a conference and get whatever the celebration needs him become. These professional men need to use their particular social intelligence alongside charming attributes to keep their consumers pleased. Each goes to personal events prepared to provide the ladies their own undivided interest and unreserved admiration. They are from the beck and phone call of everyone during the party, and it’s their job to keep everyone pleased.

«We always state if this lady has to inquire about for one thing, its currently far too late,» Dalal mentioned. «the largest thing a manservant should do is read minds and expect steps he is able to improve time better still.»

While ManServants generally acts huge, lively bachelorette parties, Dalal mentioned that the solution is also wonderful for «any occasion enabling you to utilize a supplementary beautiful pair of fingers.» You’ll allow yourself the royal treatment in your subsequent birthday bash, you can also gift the ManServants solution to your preferred bride-to-be. Sometimes pal teams call ManServants with a certain request, like on offer an event operating like a beautiful idiot or advising everyone else, «You’re right, and I also’m wrong.»

Consumers can decide what their particular manservant’s duties is through the celebration, in addition they may also choose his title. ManServants promotes clients are imaginative along with their requests because that’s element of what makes the experience therefore fun and unique.

ManServants offers a classy solution to liven up a party — with top quality attention candy at your solution. These gentlemen show up in a tuxedo prepared please, and they spend the subsequent couple of luxurious hrs expecting a female’s every require. Whether you’ll need people to fan you because of the share or you to definitely be sure that beverage is obviously complete, Manservants is certainly going the extra kilometer to keep you smiling, chuckling, and achieving a good time.

Creating a Buzz for Special business Events

ManServants could be the particular business design that actually works in many different options, plus the company has now started initially to explore the organization world. Today companies could add some pinache with their events by hiring the aid of a team of manservants. According to research by the internet site, «ManServants look fantastic to cause you to look really good.» Their doting existence at a meeting can make a buzz by giving men and women an original experience.

A number of the ManServants on staff members have a background in acting or behaving, to enable them to end up being poised and scrumptious-looking brand ambassadors for businesses seeking unveil a new product or get folks talking on social media marketing. For example, Moda Operandi sent the ManServants group out inside rainfall to hand completely 500 pink umbrellas during ny Fashion day. They noticed over one million loves on Instagram alone.

Before 12 months, ManServants has actually combined with Bravo, Warner Brothers, Armani, Macy’s, and various other businesses to in the caliber of these brand names and develop a remarkable knowledge for clients and consumers of any age. The ManServants group will run errands, deliver goody bags, staff members premiers, advertise items, and usually offer the marketing requirements of companies seeking to appeal to a primarily feminine demographic. No matter how outlandish the demand — such as checking out «Fifty colors of gray» for eight several hours at an NBC common screening occasion — the ManServants group is present to provide magnetic, non-sexual fantasies.

«We love it. Truthfully, we possess the greatest jobs on earth,» Dalal stated. «We never ever stop chuckling, so we like getting the masterminds behind this sex experiment.»

Lots of happy customers program Their particular Appreciation

Understandably, many women gush concerning solution offered by ManServants’ hunky team. They love becoming fawned more than by attractive men who’ll satisfy every silly demand from doing 20 push-ups to braiding everybody’s hair.

Jasmine penned a thank-you note to ManServants after her bachelorette party and couldn’t say sufficient good things regarding the unknown guy at her celebration. «He was best. He had been charming, witty… and made everyone of us feel there was nobody else in the world but united states,» she mentioned. «anything you dudes are performing, you’re doing it correct.»

Relating to Jasmine, the eight females at her bachelorette celebration happened to be making their unique colleagues envious by referring to the fantastically conscious solution offered by a fabulously hot guy. «It’s hard to place into words so how phenomenal your solution is actually,» Jasmine stated. «I cannot expect another possible opportunity to arise to make use of your own solution once more.»

«The novelty and character reverse of this ManServant situation was greater than with male strippers,» said Katie Stainmetz of the time mag. Katie along with her buddies had their manservant, who they known as Spartacus, deal card games, utilize their fingers as coasters, hop like a bunny, and propose toward bride-to-be so she could turn him straight down. «Spartacus ended up being like a handsome canvas who decorate alone with whatever we could envision,» Katie stated.

«I happened to be wondering basically could find out more about the rule of chivalry,» published Erin in a tongue-in-cheek message to your ManServants staff. «It may sound like something my better half needs to study.»

«ManServants undertake the mental work of exactly what a hostess should do,» Dalal informed us. «this is certainly her time to sit back while he makes certain many people are cared for and looks for methods to increase the party.»

ManServants provides Women whatever Really Want: Adoration

For long, ladies have actually pretended to relish enjoying male strippers dance around their particular living rooms in their bachelorette events. No. Now ManServants offers women the chance to genuinely appreciate by themselves as a ruggedly good-looking and unfailingly lovely man sets her wants and requires initial.

ManServants have begun as a daydream between two buddies, however it easily shot to popularity as increasing numbers of ladies decided, «Yeah, we are entitled to this.» Whether you are searching for a post-breakup pick-me-up or a memorable solution to celebrate a bachelorette party, ManServants can suit your internal queen with unrivaled solution and unabashed devotion.

«Adoration is always best when it’s provided with a gathering of the nearest friends,» Dalal said. «We deliver the royal treatment, and we also inspire our consumers to call home around their particular dreams.»